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Working Terms & Conditions


  1. Style of Work: The Photographer is a “documentary and candid” photographer and adheres to the said style.  Client acknowledges that the photographer is using their artistic discretion to create photographs as the photographer sees fit (kindly let this known to your parents and relatives).  Photographer will be present on Wedding day for no less than 8 hours and a maximum upto 10 hrs, limited till midnight and it is up to the photographer when enough images have been captured; and no coverage will be provided of food service, eating areas, and people/guest/clients having food.
  2. Use of Images: Images are strictly produced for the client’s private home use only.  Photographer hereby grants to the Client the following exclusive rights to use the Images for use as personal use or print as many copies for personal distribution.  These rights shall be worldwide, in all media and for the full life of the copyright. The Client is obtaining digital images for personal use only including non-commercial web sites, and shall not sell said images or generate income from them in any form.  If any of the Photographer's images are published (on the web or any other media), proper photo credit of “Images by” is required.  If Client is obtaining a print for newspaper announcement of the wedding, the Photographer authorizes Client to reproduce the print in the above manner. The Photographer shall retain the rights to use the images for publicity purpose in internet website or social media websites
  3. Booking & Payments: Fill up the “Get in Touch” form (tell us the exact schedule / itinerary) and submit. We will share a quotation with you, asking you to deposit 50% of the applicable fee. Booking will be confirmed post the payment is made. The balance 50% amount shall be payable on the last event day, soon after the final event is over. We will start processing the images only ‘after’ full payment is received. 
  4. Delivery Timelines : Processed digital photos and documentary film to be handed over anywhere between eight weeks to twelve weeks from the date of the final payment. Kindly note that we are not responsible for delays in shipping and do not bear the cost of international shipping costs, taxes or VATs.
  5. Deliverables in case of film :: Kindly refer to the quotation email for details.
  6. Deliverables in case of Photography : Kindly refer to the quotation email for details
  7. Permissions to Photograph: It is the sole responsibility of the Client to secure permission of the church, synagogue, temples or other venue of the wedding for the Photographer to photograph the ceremony/event.  The Client shall insure the placement of the bridal party, the officiant(s) and the altar decorations so as to not obscure the view of the bride and groom.  The Photographer will abide by the rules of the church/synagogue/temple in regards to camera placement at the ceremony.   Many private venues/businesses are charging a photography permit fee.  The client is responsible for the payment of such fee.  In the event clients fail or refuse to pay for any such permit fee despite having been informed by the Photographer that such fee is required, client is responsible for any and all related costs or fines if applicable.
  8. Artificial Lighting: The Photographer makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, in regard to the quality of the Images, if the artificial lighting provided by the clients at the venue is unsuitable or too dark for photography or filming.  It is strongly advised by the Photographer to avoid any use of colored LED lighting or any other form of colored or flickering lighting in the ceremony areas , sitting areas or performance areas for the wedding. Colored lighting if any should be restricted to the peripheral decorations only.  Bright and even lighting should be provided in all ceremony and guest areas. The Photographer does not use a flash for shooting candid or creative shots.
  9. Final Product : It is also understood that the Client is hiring the Photographer for his technical and artistic expertise and, therefore, the Photographer reserves the right to edit the Images as he sees fit.  The Photographer does not guarantee that everyone involved in the event will be photographed or will be included in the final Images. 
  10. Photographer Substitution: The Photographer may substitute another photographer to take the photographs in the event of Photographer's illness or circumstances beyond his control.  In the event of such substitution, Photographer warrants that the photographer taking the photographs shall be a competent professional. 
  11. Cancellation of Assignment : In the event of cancellation of event by the Client, the Client agrees that all fees or advances already paid to the Photographer as of the date the notice of cancellation is received by the Photographer, will be forfeited.
  12. Coordination : Due to the nature of typical wedding day and varieties of events taking place in several locations, the photographer will frequently move, change and secure his equipments throughout the day.  Please brief us and introduce us to the immediate family before the start of the event. During the event make sure no one keeps telling us what to shoot and how to shoot. You may appoint another regular studio photographer to do these needful shots.
  13. Electricity outlet and place for equipments:: 5amps/220-230 volts has to be provided at reception/ceremony.
  14. Audio Systems/ microphones etc:: It is most advisable to use collar or lapel microphone(for bride/groom/priest) for the church ceremony, as the wired microphones cause visual interference while shooting. Also the audio/sound incharge at the church and reception has to keep provisions for direct audio input into our audio recording devices.
  15. F&B for the photographers has to be organised in the guest areas.



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